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VX-1100 Image This simple calibrator is for a piezoelectric type acceleration pickup which has been widely used for measuring vibration. Since an exciter, a sensor amplifier and a display are built in, direct reading of sensitivity is possible when sensor outputs are directly input. The calibrator excites the sensor at a frequency of 159 Hz and acceleration of 10rms, and sensor outputs can be used as calibration signals for a vibration measuring system.


  • Suitable for acceleration pickup of both charge output and built-in amplifier types.
  • Adoption of digital indicator allows direct reading of sensitivity.
  • Operates on dry battery for as long as 20 hours.
  • A carrying case is provided to make carrying easy.



Exciting frequency 159.2 Hz +/-1 %
Exciting acceleration 10 rms+/-3 %
Exciting velocity 10mm/s rms +/-4%
Exciting displacement 10 um rms +/-5 %
Sensitivity display 0.01 - 19.99 mV/()or pC/()
Display accuracy +/-3 % +/-1 digit
Applicable pickup weight 110 g or less
Power supply required 4 type AA batteries
Battery life Approx. 20 hours (continuous use)

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